Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Beyond


Do your hands get numb? Do your fingers tingle? Do your hands sometimes wake you up at night?

“Discover How YOU Can Reverse
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and
Other Causes of Hand Numbness”

Easily, Quickly, Effectively 

NO Shots  NO Drugs  NO Gizmos  NO Surgery

Dear Friend

How are your hands?

Are you suffering from numbness in your hands and fingers?

Has a doctor told you that you need carpal tunnel surgery? That you’d have permanent nerve damage if you didn’t. Yeah, that’s freaky scary.

I understand what you are going through because years ago I was going through the same thing.

Plus I have helped thousands of clients – many who were much worse off that I was.

THANK YOU! I just watched ONE video about the false carpal tunnel where you show how to work the pectoralis muscle and I about cried… the numbness was relieved practically immediately!!! And after I watched the ones on how to work the forearm muscles, I’ve got my fingers back! Unbelievable! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! … *big heaving sigh of RELIEF!!*
Anita Due

Do you remember a time, years ago, when the only time you even noticed any sensation in your hands was when you hurt a finger or they got really cold? That’s the way your hands should be.

How are your hands now? Maybe you just have tingling once in a while, OR maybe you get numb fingers when you comb your hair or ride a bicycle OR maybe you mostly get numbness at night maybe causing you to lose sleep.  Maybe they hurt.  Perhaps you drop things or find it difficlult to use keys.  

Maybe you’ve already given up activities you love.  Maybe you have to hold dishes in two hands for fear of dropping them.  Or maybe you’re scared about the future.

Now imagine, if you don’t do anything to help yourself,  how they will be two years from now, five years from now, ten years from now.

What would happen if you couldn’t use your hands for anything?

Do you think your problem will just go away? Think again.

Or maybe you think you will wait until you need to have surgery. Bad idea.

Why? I’ll talk about this later but surgery is risky and has a high failure rate. And even when successful, your carpal tunnel syndrome often comes back years later.  

But really, wouldn’t you like to end your suffering?  

YOU can avoid surgery and get your hands back to normal.

Besides that, most of the time it isn’t even carpal tunnel syndrome that is causing your problem. (Even if a nerve conductivity test says it is).

I am here to tell you…

You do not need…. Pills …. Shots …. Braces ….. Gadgets …. Gizmos …. Surgery…. Office Visits.

I had been a massage therapist since 1991.  Years ago I was having numbness in my own overworked hands from long hours of doing massage at a resort . The stretches I learned in massage school weren’t working.  In the evening I would dip my arms in alternating hot and cold 5 gallon buckets. There had to be a better way.  

While massage training was the basis of everything…. 

None of the techniques I teach here were ones I learned in massage school. 

Some I developed for myself out of necessity – to work on the problems my own hands were getting, and to keep them in good shape.  

Then I got numb hands again, but this time it was coming from somewhere else.  I didn’t know where until a continuing education course instructor casually mentioned that a tight pectoralis minor muscle could cause FALSE carpal tunnel syndrome.  Ahha.  

So I modified his technique to a self-help one – and the results were INSTANT.  

But there are even more locations than that where muscle imbalance and tight muscles pinching on nerves can create numbnes in the hands.  And these were causing problems for other people.

So I created or modified other techniques to become self-treatments that I could teach my clients.  And now I teach it to you.

You see most (not all) medical doctors treat most conditions with pills or shots or surgery.

If you have a back pain, they give muscle relaxants.  That’s what they were taught.

When you have numbness in your fingers, the majority of doctors will only think of the carpal tunnel area, which is in the wrist.

The common treatment is anti-inflammatory drugs.  But knowledgeable doctors now know they not only are not effective, they actually block the body’s natural healing process.


Drugs Have NEVER Cured Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

“You Do Not Have Numbness Because of an Ibuprofen Deficiency

The problem however, is drugs and shots only take care of the symptoms. 

There are Safer Ways.