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Law Payne, Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist

Law Payne is a celebrity trainer, nutritionist and fat loss expert.

He’s has over 100,000 client transformations, both in person and offline and knows what it takes to GET RESULTS FAST!

When not training Law is a successful bodybuilding competitor where he recently won a title of LOSEU.S. Champion.

Laws wife Patricia is an 8x World champion bodybuilder and trained by Law.

Now you can learn the fat loss secrets of winning bodybuilding athletes and fitness models in ‘How to Lose Weight Fast’ by Law Payne!

I Lost 50lbs.& Have a New Outlook on Life

I think the Hardbody Book Weight Loss Book entered my life at a time I was looking for change.

The support I received at the book is invaluable and it’s impact can’t be put into words. I feel empowered now to take charge of my life.  I have been given the tools to do so. I not only learned about nutrition.  I learned how to live again and enjoy life. I realize now that my trepidation around losing weight was only because I thought I needed to sacrifice in order to gain what I wanted. The Hardbody Book helped me see that I’m not sacrificing. . The “side effects” of losing weight and getting healthy have been great! I now have an overall positive attitude and mood, glowing skin, shiny hair and the aches and pains I used to complain about have completely vanished. Today I have more confidence to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but thought I couldn’t. THANK YOU!

I Lost 75lbs. in Just 4 Months!

I never beloved that I have loss my over size. Few month ago till I was looking very out of fit man. Many times I feel very embarrassed just because of my fatness I becoming very uncomfortable with my over size and I try to live in home all the time. So after some time heard about “How to Lose Weight Fast” book that was very effective part was my life. I started to follow the instruction which was in the book within few months I felt result and I got effect on my body. I have loss my 75 pounds! Weight. It is very amazing book and helpful. I would like to thanks to Hard body Book who changed my life.

~ Mike Reid


I Lost 40lbs. and Kept it Off!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my weight loss. For years I have been trying to lose weight, but no matter how much I exercised and dieted I just seemed to keep gaining! This is a plan that works, the classes offer so much information and accountability that you really stay on track and lose the weight and better yet keep it off! Thank you “How to Lose Weight Fast” book for helping me discover which foods work, lose and keep off 40 pounds and 4 sizes. Everyone should know about you!

~ Jessica Marquez


Total Weight Loss…90lbs!

As a child I was overweight and although I began bodybuilding, I just couldn’t lose the fat that kept me from looking ripped. Thank you “How to Lose Weight Fast” book for helping me to lose the fat and show the muscle. Losing the fat, and meeting with others who were also doing the program really helped me to reach my goal. The 1-on-1 coaching is fantastic, and learning what foods work against me will stay with me for a lifetime. This will work for anyone and it works fast!!! Thank you Hardbody Book Weight Loss Book !

~ James Lecroix