Decentralized Travel for Ultimate Savings

 This new program allows you to travel for much less then any other program.  All you have to do is join the program for FREE.  Yes free to join get all your family and co-workers involved and earn more discounts.

It is time for decentralized travel with XCELTRIP.
We are proud to bring you the first innovator and disruptor in the large industry of Travel.
Using blockchain technologies to eliminate the middle-men and extra costs associated to the travel industry. 
Because of their vision, XCELTRIP is the foremost expert in Blockchain Travel solutions. 

This is the Company to watch and be connected to for all your travel needs. xceltrip

Enter in the age of the Internet

xceltripThrough the future vision and understanding of Blockchain, XCELTRIP brings us into the future.

Eliminating the Broker or Dealers and added fees.  This creates a better travel experience.


Xceltrip is not just a full service Online Travel platform but a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”

xceltripBuilt to change the way you travel today and into the future. XcelTrip is a single stop travel service provider.

Their vision is to make travel services decentralized by empowering Travel Partners.



  • Also Access over a million rooms at best properties and Best Rates
  • In addition Get world-class Service and access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations.
  • Get help from online XcelTrip manager for your specific travel needs.
  • Use our mobile app and get lot more than just booking hotel and airline ticket


  • Furthermore We offer the best price to travelers and lowest booking fee for vendors
  • In addition Our system is built on the blockchain cryptic ledger, most trusted technology for data security.
  • Also The Xceltrip business is based on the distributed economic model, in which each business partner gets the piece of economic pie, either through savings or direct earnings.
  • Every Time You Travel You Earn – Yes, check out our IMP program.

xceltripIf you are a Vendor. (Hotel, Motel, Bed and Breakfast, Airline, Car Rental Company, Boat Rentals, RV Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, etc.)  GO HERE and become a VENDOR to gain in the future of Blockchain and Decentralized Travel with XCELTRIP.

So Looking for a way to gain big with the new future of Blockchain.  JOIN US in getting the Vendors added, and gain huge rewards for doing so.


In addition, XcelTrip is committed to spend 2% of Its net income to the global charitable cause through XcelTrip Foundation.