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Sunday, March 26. SOLAR ENERGY

“The power companies know that their customers could invest as little as $200.  Generate their own electricity and literally make their meters spin backwards. Precisely why they hope you never learn about my Energy 2 Green system!” SOLAR ENERGY IS GREEN.


We absolutely NEED electricity and the power companies know it. They have been justifying price increases for years.  A household spends $1,000 or more per year on electricity. Rates will keep going up and up guaranteed.

Now Imagine Paying Just $10 Per Month For Your Electricity

How Solar Panel Works?SOLAR energy

The Sun produces a range of energy which we can only see a small part of. Solar panels turn another part, or wavelength, of the light into electricity. t

You Can Do This
For As Little As $200!

That’s right, forget about spending $3,000 or more for factory made windmills and solar panels because if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions and invest just $200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need a degree in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, a small but manageable investment, and the Energy 2 Green systems manual!